The new facts and figures publication is finally available!!!.

The brochure depicts the situation of Fair Trade in 33 consumer countries as in spring 2008.

Download the 2007 facts and figures brochure.f+f07 cover

Download the list of websites of the contributing organisations, seen below

The title under which the publication should be quoted is:
Fair Trade 2007: new facts and figures from an ongoing success story.
A report on Fair Trade in 33 consumer countries
, by Jean-Marie Krier: 
DAWS, Dutch Association of Worldshops, Culemborg, Netherlands, 2008.

Many thanks to all those who have contributed.
Jean-Marie Krier

Salzburg / Austria

25 November 2008

For comparisons you can also access the former editions of the publication:

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Fair Trade websites and contributing organisations 

    International Organisations   contributed
1 International EFTA www.european-fair-trade-association.org y
2 International Fair Trade Federation www.fairtradefederation.org y
3 International Fair Trade Advocacy Office www.fairtrade-advocacy.org/ y
4 International FLO www.fairtrade.net
5 International IFAT www.ifat.org y
6 International NEWS! www.worldshops.org
7 Austria ARGE Weltläden www.weltlaeden.at y
8 Austria Eine-Welt-Handel www.eine-welt-handel.com
9 Austria EZA Fairer Handel www.eza.cc y
10 Austria FAIRTRADE Austria www.fairtrade.at y
11 Belgium Fair Trade Centre www.befair.be
12 Belgium Fair Trade Original Belgium www.fairtrade.be y
13 Belgium Max Havelaar Belgium www.maxhavelaar.be
14 Belgium Maya Fair Trading www.maya-ft.be
15 Belgium Oxfam Fairtrade cvba www.oft.be y
16 Belgium Oxfam Magasins du Monde www.madeindignity.be
17 Belgium Oxfam Wereldwinkels www.oww.bw y
18 Belgium Sjamma vzw www.sjamma.be
19 Bulgaria Integra Bulgaria www.integra-bds.bg y
20 Czech Republic Asociace pro Fair Trade www.fairtrade-asociace.cz
21 Czech Republic Ekumenická akademie Praha www.ekumakad.cz 
22 Czech Republic Fair Trade Centrum s.r.o www.fairtradecentrum.cz
23 Czech Republic Jeden svět o.p.s. www.jedensvet.org y
24 Czech Republic Společnost pro Fair Trade a rozvojové vzdělávání www.fairtrade.cz y
25 Denmark Fair Trade Danmark www.fairtrade.dk y
26 Denmark Max Havelaar www.maxhavelaar.dk y
27 Estonia Fairtrade Estonia www.fairtrade.ee y
28 Finland Association for Promoting Fairtrade in Finland www.reilukauppa.fi
29 Finland Fairtrade Action Network www.fairtradeaction.net
30 Finland Finnish Worldshop Association www.maailmankaupat.fi y
31 Finland Pro Fair Trade Finland www.repu.fi
32 Finland S/V Estelle www.estelle.fi
33 Finland Tampere ATO www.kehitysmaakauppa.org y
34 France AlterEco www.altereco.com
35 France Alter Mundi www.altermundi.com
36 France Artisanat SEL www.artisanatsel.com
37 France ECOCERT www.ecocert.fr
38 France ETHIQUABLE www.ethiquable.fr
39 France Fédération Artisans du Monde www.artisansdumonde.org y
40 France Malongo www.malongo.com
41 France Max Havelaar France www.maxhavelaarfrance.org
42 France Plateforme du Commerce Équitable (PFCE) www.commercequitable.org y
43 France Solidar’Monde www.solidarmonde.fr
44 Germany BanaFair www.banafair.de y
45 Germany CONTIGO www.contigo.de y
46 Germany dwp www.dwp-rv.de
47 Germany EL PUENTE www.el-puente.de y
48 Germany Forum Fairer Handel www.forum-fairer-handel.de y
49 Germany GEPA – The Fair Trade Company www.gepa.de
50 Germany TransFair Germany www.transfair.org y
51 Germany Weltladen-Dachverband www.weltladen.de y
52 Greece Fairtrade Hellas www.fairtrade.gr y
53 Hungary Be Fair! Foundation www.befair.hu
54 Hungary Fair Trade Center Hungary Ltd. www.fairtradecenter.hu y
55 Hungary Fair Világ www.fairvilag.hu y
56 Hungary Treehugger Dan’s Bookstore and Café www.treehugger.hu y
57 Hungary Tudatos Vásárlók Egyesülete (Association of Conscious Consumers) www.tudatosvasarlo.hu
58 Hungary Útilapu Hálózat www.utilapu.org
59 Hungary Védegylet (Protect the Future) www.vedegylet.hu
60 Iceland Fair Trade Shop Reykjavik www.fairtradebudin.is
61 Iceland Icelandic Church Aid www.help.is
62 Ireland Fairtrade Mark Ireland www.fairtrade.ie y
63 Ireland Oxfam Ireland www.oxfamireland.org y
64 Italy AGICES www.agices.org
65 Italy Associazione Botteghe del Mondo www.assobdm.it y
66 Italy Commercio Alternativo www.commercioalternativo.it
67 Italy Ctm AgroFair www.ctmagrofair.it
68 Italy Ctm altromercato www.altromercato.it y
69 Italy Equo Mercato www.equomercato.it
70 Italy Equoland www.equoland.it
71 Italy Fairtrade Italy www.fairtradeitalia.it y
72 Italy Liberomondo www.liberomondo.org
73 Italy Roba dell’Altro Mondo www.roba.coop
74 Latvia Green Liberty www.zb-zeme.lv  y
75 Latvia LAPAS www.lapas.lv y
76 Lithuania Environmental Information Centre www.apicentras.lt y
77 Luxembourg TransFair-Minka Luxembourg www.transfair.lu y
78 Luxembourg Worldshops Working Group www.weltbutteker.lu y
79 Malta L-Arka & Koperattiva Kummerċ Ġust www.l-arka.org y
80 Netherlands AgroFair Europe www.agrofair.nl y
81 Netherlands De Evenaar www.de-evenaar.nl
82 Netherlands Dutch Association of Worldshops www.wereldwinkels.nl y
83 Netherlands Fair Trade Original www.fairtrade.nl
84 Netherlands Max Havelaar Foundation www.maxhavelaar.nl
85 Netherlands NIVAH & Centrum Mondiaal www.centrummondiaal.nl
86 Norway Fair Trade Norge As www.fairtradenorge.com y
87 Norway Fairtrade Max Havelaar Norway www.fairtrade.no y
88 Norway Friends Fair Trade www.friendsfairtrade.no y
89 Poland Grupa EFTE Warszawa www.efte.org y
90 Poland Polish Green Network www.ekonsument.pl
91 Poland Sprawiedliwy Handel Wroclaw www.sprawiedliwy-handel.pl
92 Poland The Polish Fair Trade Association (Stowarzyszenie Sprawiedliwego Handlu "Trzeci Świat i My") www.sprawiedliwyhandel.pl y
93 Portugal Equação www.equacao.comercio-justo.org y
94 Slovakia Fairtrade Slovakia www.fairtrade.sk
95 Slovakia Integra www.integra.sk y
96 Slovakia Živica – Centre for Environmental and Ethics Education www.zivica.sk y
97 Slovenia 3 muhe www.3muhe.org
98 Slovenia Humanitas www.humanitas.si y
99 Slovenia Umanotera www.umanotera.org y
100 Spain Alternativa 3 www.alternativa3.com y
101 Spain Asociación del Sello de Productos de Comercio Justo www.sellocomerciojusto.org 
102 Spain Coordinadora Estatal de Comercio Justo www.comerciojusto.org
103 Spain IDEAS www.ideas.coop y
104 Spain Intermón Oxfam www.intermonoxfam.org y
105 Sweden Fairtrade Sweden / Rättvisemärkt www.fairtrade.se y
106 Sweden House of Fair Trade www.housefairtrade.se y
107 Sweden La Maison Afrique AB www.la-maison-afrique.se y
108 Sweden Sackeus AB www.sackeus.be
109 Sweden Världsbutikerna for Rättvis Handel (Worldshops) www.varldsbutikerna.org 
110 Switzerland Association Romande des Magasins du Monde www.mdm.ch
111 Switzerland Associazione Botteghe del Mondo www.botteghedelmondo.ch
112 Switzerland Caritas Switzerland www.caritas.ch    y
113 Switzerland claro fair trade AG www.claro.ch  y
114 Switzerland El Tucan www.eltucan.ch
115 Switzerland Fairtrade Village www.fairtrade.com y
116 Switzerland Fondation TerrEspoir www.terrespoir.com 
117 Switzerland gebana ag www.gebana.com y
118 Switzerland Helvetas www.helvetas.ch 
119 Switzerland Max Havelaar www.maxhavelaar.ch
120 Switzerland Swiss Fairtrade www.swissfairtrade.ch
121 Switzerland terrafair www.terrafair.org
122 Switzerland Zur Kalebasse www.kalebasse.ch
123 United Kingdom Bishopston Trading Company www.bishopstontrading.co.uk y
124 United Kingdom British Association of Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) www.bafts.org.uk y
125 United Kingdom Cafédirect www.cafedirect.co.uk
126 United Kingdom Divine Chocolate www.divinechocolate.com
127 United Kingdom Equal Exchange www.equalexchange.co.uk y
128 United Kingdom Fairdeal Trading www.fairdealtrading.com y
129 United Kingdom Fairtrade Foundation www.fairtrade.org.uk y
130 United Kingdom Pachacuti www.pachacuti.co.uk y
131 United Kingdom Shared Earth www.sharedearth.co.uk y
132 United Kingdom Tearcraft www.tearcraft.org y
133 United Kingdom The India Shop www.theindiashop.co.uk y
134 United Kingdom Traidcraft www.traidcraft.co.uk y
135 United Kingdom twin trading www.twin.org.uk
136 United Kingdom Zaytoun www.zaytoun.org y
    North America & Pacific Rim  
137 United States A Different Approach www.adifferentapproach.com y
138 United States A Greater Gift (formerly SERRV) www.agreatergift.org
139 United States Baskets of Africa www.basketsofafrica.com y
140 United States Bridge for Africa www.bridgeforafrica.org y
141 United States Cooperative Coffees www.coopcoffees.com
142 United States Economic Development Imports, www.edimports.com y
143 United States Equal Exchange www.equalexchange.com/ y
144 United States Fair World Designs www.fairworlddesigns.com/ y
145 United States Global Crafts www.globalcraftsb2b.com y
146 United States Global Exchange www.globalexchange.org y
147 United States Global Goods Partners www.globalgoodspartners.org y
148 United States Handmade Expressions www.handmadeexpressions.net y
149 United States North Country Fair Trade www.ethicalgoods.org/ y
150 United States Oxfam America www.oxfamamerica.org
151 United States Peacecraft www.peacecraft.org y
152 United States Shanti Boutique www.shantiboutique.com y
153 United States Ten Thousand Villages www.tenthousandvillages.com y
154 United States TransFair USA www.transfairusa.org
155 United States United Students for Fair Trade (USFT) www.usft.org
156 United States Wild Boar Creek www.wildboarcreek.com y
157 United States World of Good, Inc. www.worldofgoodinc.com
158 United States WorldCrafts www.worldcraftsvillage.com/ y
159 Canada Bridgehead Inc. www.brideghead.ca
160 Canada Canadian Student Fair Trade Network www.csftn-recce.org
161 Canada Commerce Équitable Oxfam-Québec (CEOQ) www.equita.qc.ca
162 Canada Equiterre www.equiterre.org
163 Canada Just Us! Coffee Roasters www.justuscoffee.com
164 Canada La Siembra www.lasiembra.com   y
165 Canada Level Ground Trading www.levelground.com
166 Canada Ten Thousand Villages Canada www.tenthousandvillages.ca y
167 Canada TransFair Canada www.transfair.ca
168 Japan Alter Trade Japan www.altertrade.co.jp
169 Japan Fairtrade Label Japan www.fairtrade-jp.org y
170 Japan Nepali Bazaro www.nbazaro.org y
171 Japan People Tree www.peopletree.co.jp y
172 Australia & New Z. ESP (Ethically Sound Products) www.etiko.com.au
173 Australia & New Z. Fair Trade Association of Australia and New Zealand (FTAANZ) www.fta.org.au y
174 Australia & New Z. Hooked: Students for Trade Justice www.hooked.org.au
175 Australia & New Z. New Internationalist www.newint.com.au/shop y
176 Australia & New Z. Oxfam Australia Trading www.oxfamshop.org.au y
177 Australia & New Z. Trade Aid Importers www.tradeaid.co.nz y
178 Australia & New Z. Tradewinds Tea & Coffee www.tradewinds.org.au
179 Australia & New Z. Universal Village www.universalvillage.com.au


Fair Trade 2007: new facts and figures from an ongoing success story. A report on Fair Trade in 33 consumer countries, by Jean-Marie Krier. – DAWS, Dutch Association of Worldshops, Culemborg, Netherlands, 2008.

The above list was drawn from the Annexes 1 and  3 of the publication.

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